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Jesus. This is awful. He might have been popular in the late fifties when you could be talentless and still be a famous guitar player, but this was the 70's. Fucking Jimmy Page was around at this time. Damn. Link's rhythm player probably knows more than him.. Sounds like my sport bike engine rev!👍🏾👍🏾.

Talk about Being & Sounding BadAss!


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Bass is better on the studio recording


Jimmy Page was inspired by this this guy..

This song has so much bad-ass attitude, there's enough for a whole album of songs more, plus about three bar-fights..

cool stuff - like it!!

Did Link really play Rumble on a Danelectro Longhorn 6-string bass as shown on the record cover? Does anyone know?.

Hey acdc stole those opening chords



Old school native american rock.


i was there...ten times better than when i saw lennon....this cat was playin rock n roll...






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